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Arthur is to symbolize the new traders who try to find a way to survive when it passes through the skull, symbolizing the forex business. Marley is to represent your mentor or tutor who provides and teach you how to trade the good and true in forex to minimize loss. The ship used is a symbol of trading systems and tools used to make money online from forex, such as indicators, EA (robot) and so on.We can always upgrade and develop the trading system as we become more proficient in trading. Ailing father symbolizes the needs are unpredictable and require adequate financial capability. Three thousand gold coins symbolizes financial freedom.

In general, Forex trading according to the above analogy is a way to make money and achieve financial freedom in less time than conventional employment. While a conventional business can not provide sufficient results, forex trading can also be one way out / alternatives to meet the financial needs of the community. Or even a full-time job with flexibility in working time.

In making money online from forex trading, of course, we must consider the risk factors. Only with experience, knowledge of market mechanisms, and risk management are insufficient, then a trader will be able to achieve success in the world of forex business and limit the risk to a minimum. Without sufficient knowledge and experience, forex would only be a dangerous path and a skull full of sharp rocks.

The general public in passing only know that it is almost impossible to make money in forex business because 95% of new traders in forex business loss.Some even branded the forex trading that includes gambling. Why is formed opinion like this? This caused a lot of traders are without sufficient knowledge of trading blindly and without proper analysis. They trade with based on the feeling, technique analysis inconsequential, and so on. Worse, many fund managers who manage client funds that act like this because they feel that the funds they manage are not its own funds.

The success of making money on the Internet through online forex trading is very helpful with a good mentor and has direct experience in forex trading in real.Without a good mentor, then you should seek your own personal trading system by reading the articles, book forex (foreign publications suggested considering the lack of quality forex books in Indonesia), do the trial / error and did a survey / scientific research according to statistical calculations , mathematics, and human psychology.

Statistics approach is used because it can estimate the trend of price movements using past data. Is past data can provide the possibility of movement that predictions accurate enough? The answer is yes, as long as there is no fundamental news trading is a big influence. At close to an important news announcement relating to a single currency, there are times when technical analysis is not accurate.

Why? Keep in mind that the forex market players are generally divided into 2 large and retail traders. Trader is a large financial institution, bank, or the big boys who have very large capital (in total hold around 80% of funds from the market). Small retail traders are traders, amounting to a very large but the fund holds only about 20% of funds from the market. Because currency prices are affected by the economic law of demand and supply then the role of large traders are able to drive the price as they do the heavy trading. This is what makes trading fundamentals more accurate as it approached the announcement of the economic news, and when the effects started to fade from the news, technical trading takes over.

We as a small trader can gain profit if you follow this trend of big players. Some traders even have rear lane access information from people in the big traders will now perform a particular transaction. Traders who do not have access to this kind usually use fast execution trading platform to enter the market some time after the news was announced. This technique is called "trade the news". The downside of this technique is the need of information from news sources that can provide information on the results of the news is very FAST, for example a few seconds before the general public receives the same information so that the news traders enter the market before the price movement occurs. Quick news service of this kind of information worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per month (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.). In addition, traders who need fast response and high level of risk when the market moves against the trader's position.

Retail traders typically trade with the help of a technical indicator that uses the calculation of Statistics and Mathematics, even with the support of behavioral psychology. When the proper conduct of technical trading is when the market tends to calm and there is no important news.

It is quite reasonable because the market is driven by human beings who also have certain behavioral tendencies at a given moment. For example the price of pair gbp / usd has reached 2.4000, the price bounced on the line indicator and the annual moving average price is currently the highest on record. Many technical traders who took the same reference (based on moving average) to see the same thing and thinking: The price is very high, bouncing and has difficulty penetrating the annual MA line. Surely the price will soon fall. Many of these retail traders then took a Sell position. Due to many requests Sell the price actually dropped since their release so that the pound sterling and buy usd usd strengthen. This means that prices do not move to follow the MA indicator, but the man's fears and emotions that move the price.

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