Introduction of the Platform


  3 trading platforms available that can be used at GAIN Capital is :
  1. MetaTrader 4,
  2. ForexTrader Pro &
  3. web Based
Which is more frequently selected and used by a Trader? Generally, theychoose the MetaTrader 4 for the indicator and complete the applicationresponsive (not slow).

If you choose ForexTrader Pro then with the same login account you can conduct transactions via the Web Based platform, but this does not apply to AccountMetaTrader 4. Account Access Login works only in the Meta Trader 4 is not onother platforms.

Another difference is the type of commodities and stock index that can betraded:

  1. MetaTrader 4: Forex, Gold and Silver
  2. Forex Trader Pro & Web Based: Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil / Oil and Stock Index(Stock Index)
In MetaTrader 4, for the time being can not perform transactions for the Oil / Oiland Stock Index (Stock Index - Nikkei, Dow Jones, etc.).

MB Trading

Platform available to MB Trading are:
  1. MetaTrader 4 with ECN technology
  2. MBT Navigator

Thus our explanation of Capital Gain brokerage platform, and MBTrading.

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