Euro-dollar sales drop Position Lowest Since February 22, 2011

In trading in Asia today partner with the U.S. dollar euro exchange rate seems to have weakened the movement (12/09). Sluggish euro against the dollar andreached the lowest position since February 2011 last month amid fears thatGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing measures to support Greekbankruptcy. This has led to selling pressure against the euro.

Weakened U.S. Dollar Index, Technical Correction

In forex trading the European session this evening (12-09), U.S. Dollars are generally observed to move lower against several other major currencies.
After rising sharply in the last two weeks of trading, the currency is monitoredexperiencing technical correction.
Analyst Research Vibiz of Vibiz Consulting told the American market briefingsessions ahead of this evening that in general the U.S. dollar could weaken stillfurther thin in intraday trading.

Euro correction ahead of the ECB

jakarta, Strategydesk - Euro trying to maintain a thin reinforcement, achieved after a German court to support the country's involvement in the euro zone bailout. But strengthening the still fragile ahead of the regular meeting of the ECB. The market was relieved by the decision of the German Federal Constitutional Pengadlian mentioning bailout efforts for Greek legal. This is to wash off the political obstacles that had feared could disrupt the bailout plan. But the euro could hit when ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet delivered a dovish statement. Trichet is expected to deliver a statement of caution related to the purchase of bonds Spain and Italy. This move was criticized from both inside and outside the ECB. If true, then the bond yield and the cost of credit guarantees kedus country could rise again.

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