Introduction to Trading Forex / Forex Trading

FOREX Trading or better known as the Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trade / trade transactions that a country's currency against the currencies of other countries involve major money markets in the world for 24 hours continuously. Given the level of liquidity and price movements of high acceleration, Forex trading has become the most popular alternative because the ROI (Return Of Investment or the return value of the investments we have been planting) and the profit to be gained can exceed the average trading in general (usually flat- mean return ranges from more than 5% - 10% per month, can even reach more than 100% per month for professional traders).
Due to rapid movement, then trading forex trading is also at high risk if you do not have enough knowledge and good financial management arrangements. Investments in foreign exchange trading (forex trading) services, provides a promising alternative income.

    Having a global scale that is to follow the progress of technology.
Easy as can be made directly via the Internet using a computer
Cheap because the minimum capital is not until tens of millions of dollars
Flexible because wherever you are in the home connected to your network can do business
Unique because many of our society who do not already know, so have a good prospect.

What currencies are traded?That is all world currencies that have high selling power. Example: USDollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound Sterling (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF) and others.
How to process the transaction?What is a "Buy / Sell" in the foreign exchange market? In this foreign exchange you can buy or sell currencies traded. The objective is to gain profit or advantage of position you are doing transactions.
Example: if you buy (BUY / Offer / Long) of a currency and currency price movements tesebut showed a significant increase in graphics, then you can take advantage of these price differences by closing your buying position, and vice versa if you do sell ( Sell ​​/ Bid / Short) and then the currency price movement experienced decline graph, then you also can take advantage by closing the position you are selling.
What is the FOREX is "Two Ways Opportunities?"Yes! Transaction in FOREX can be done by 2-way in taking advantage. BUY (buy) first, and then closed with a take profit SELL Liquid (sell) or otherwise perform SELL (sell) first, and then closed with a take profit BUY Liquid (buy).
How do I calculate my transaction results in the FOREX?Here's how: To FOREX is against the USDollar currency there are 2 main types of Direct and Indirect

Direct: GBP / USD, EUR / USD, AUD / USD, and others (principally the ... / USD)
Indirect: USD / JPY, USD / CHF, etc. (USD /....)

And for the calculation: Such as we start trading Forex with an initial capital of U.S. $ 5000 (regular account), then how to count our transactions are:
For currency Direct: for example, we trade in the species accounts regular Forex which we then fed quantity contract sizenya = U.S. $ 100,000 and we do buy the EUR / USD in the position of 1.2000 and then at the close-Sell (take profit) at position 1.2010, then we will profit amounted to: (1.2010 - 1.2000) x 100,000 = $ 100 (profit) or vice versa if the loss is the same count.
For currency Indirect: for example, we trade in the species accounts regular Forex which we then fed quantity contract sizenya = U.S. $ 100,000 and we do Sell USD / JPY at position 110.10 and then at close Buy (take profit) at position 110.00, then we will profit amounted to: (110.10 - 110.00) x 100000) / liquid position 110.00 = $ 90.91 (profit) or vice versa if the loss is the same count.
Meaning Movement GraphCurrency type: Direct (..... / USD)Movement Graph: NaikMeaning (..... against USDollar): Stronger
Currency type: Direct (..... / USD)Graph Movement: DownMeaning (..... against USDollar): weakened
Type of Currency: Indirect (USD / .....)Movement Graph: NaikMeaning (..... against USDollar): weakened
Type of Currency: Indirect (USD / .....)Graph Movement: DownMeaning (..... against USDollar): Stronger
What is the capital needed to be able to trade FOREX?Deposit a minimum that you can enter is $ 1, but once there was no requirement to deposit money a certain amount in order to begin live trading (Capital-FREE), and if you have no capital at all but still want to try, then you will be given free of charge extra capital amounting to U.S. $ 5 when opening an account (FREE and not a simulation), and you can also profit will go to the (account) you are full, whereas if the loss then you also do not risk anything. You also can open a Real Live Trading with Mini Forex types of capital that recommended initial deposit of U.S. $ 500 or Regular Forex with a capital initial deposit of U.S. $ 5000.
Maximum Quantity of Capital and Leverage (Contract Size) is recommended:
Capital: $ 5Contract Size: $ 100Value of movement points (/ pips): $ 0.01 (eq: EUR / USD)
Capital: $ 100Contract Size: $ 2.000Value of movement points (/ pips): $ 0.2 (eq: EUR / USD)
Capital: $ 500 (mini)Contract Size: $ 10,000Value of movement points (/ pips): $ 1 (eq: EUR / USD)
Capital: $ 5,000 (regular)Contract Size: $ 100,000Value of movement points (/ pips): $ 10 (eq: EUR / USD)
Description: Value Margin = 1% of quantity contract size in our Quantity Contract Size is flexible and can be input manually.
Example:We can input the Quantity Contract Size = $ 1001 or $ 2123 or $ 10, etc.. In another sense that we can adjust to the conditions of our capital strength.
Bertransaksinya How and where?All your FOREX transactions conducted by you online via the internet (could be in homes, cafes, hotels, cafes, etc.) through online trading software that is Streamster.
And in our software there is also a wide range of facilities such as real time quotes and charts, discussion forums / chat with other traders, free trading signals, reports the results of the transaction, the latest news, service support 24 hours in Indonesian and other languages, and other advanced facilities.

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