Investment and Income

Actually anyone can invest and do not care about any income he earns during the 30 days. But unfortunately until now there are still many people who think that it would invest if there is money left over after all needs are met. And investment should be done early rather than waiting for the remaining income or wait for a large income because the greater the income the greater the expenditure that will be done.
Given the still huge assumption that is required to invest substantial funds, so that makes everyone cringe when they hear the word investment. And behind it all, the most important thing in investing is how the amount allocated, not how much income a person's income. This applies to everyone, both civil servants, private sector employees and people who are already abundant treasures though.
Thoughts like these that make a lot of people do not want to start arranging his financial future, so that ultimately only complaining because it can not meet your needs and start blaming others. Though every individual has the responsibility for her own future, including his financial future, not the other person or company where he worked.
Perhaps for those who want to start a new investment, can choose such as mutual funds that start from Rp 100,000 or buy gold ranging from 0.5 grams. For those who have more money, can also choose the type of such property, stocks, bonds up collectibles.
Please note that for the time savings and deposits can no longer be classified as forms of investment, because interest earned was not able to pursue the inflation rate. For example, currently the average bank deposit rate is at 6.56 percent per annum for 1-month deposits when compared with inflation, while in 2010 it reached 6.96 percent of the deposit has been left behind. So that when we invest in a savings or deposit the funds we have in fact becoming increasingly smaller.
Therefore the mengkrucutnya Investment Deposits types, it helps you get started with this type of investment in precious metals, because this type of investment does not know the name of inflation, it's good to see you about Gold Investment Learn below:
Jie - twps2 - StarFishPada Gold Investment, there are several types of gold or media that you can choose, such as Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Gold Savings, Gold Certificate, with the Underlying Mutual Fund gold mining companies, as well as up to buy Gold Commodity futures contracts.
At this time many people feel if it does not hold physical gold, it has not been steady. About investing in gold bullion, gold coins, etc. and have a physical form.
Advantages of Investing In Gold
 In general the value of gold tends to be stable from year to year and are considered not affected by inflation / zero inflation effect, and very rarely gold prices fell, and gold can also be used as a collection or as jewelry.
Investments in Gold as well as a way of diversifying property remedy. You could invest in stocks, mutual funds, property, bonds or other ORI and investing in gold can be a good alternative, especially in unstable conditions, the gold could be as a tool for the protective value. Gold prices also tend to be stable due to the gold commodity in the world can not grow.
One other advantage is the price of gold is pegged in U.S. dollars, so if an increase in the value of U.S. dollar, then you can get two benefits directly, ie from price increases and also increases the dollar price of gold itself. But can the same condition, when the gold price was falling. But for the long term gold prices tend to be stable and rising.
When compared with the type of direct investment in USD currency, so gold is more profitable. In Indonesia, money changer relatively fussy. They appreciate the currency cheap long output or folded currency. Not to mention there is the risk of fake serial number. As a result, save USD currency must always be updated. Unlike the gold which can be bought and taken any action for how long.
Disadvantages In Gold Investing
 Although the price of gold is stable, does not mean not have flaws. Deficiencies in investing in gold is the factor of storage / storage and treatment / handling. Storing gold in large quantities relatively risky and expensive. In addition, if you are not good in storage, although it has been wrapped in protective cover, it still has the possibility of oxidation and discoloration. Especially in the form of gold coins, if you fall, dents, or chipped, it is difficult for the re-treatment and could reduce the price. In gold investments, you tend to be more careful and pay attention to in terms of treatment and storage.
One of the other shortcomings of his return is relatively stable and less exciting than the stock or property. Also, it is not advisable to invest in gold only in the short term (one year or less). Thus, based on the advantages and disadvantages, I think gold tends to be more precise to serve as the protective value / hedging of the investment.
So that you know more aware about the prevailing price of gold in Indonesia, you can See it here.
After you read the article above, let us begin to be responsible with our future by investing as early as possible.

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