Moving labile, JCI corrected Thin

Rise and fall of regional stock exchange, stock index fell after a strong push to mid-second session. The existence of negative sentiment from regional exchanges in the second session, making the JCI down 6.75 (0.17%) to 3953.28. JCI inhibited the decline on weaker European stock market opening today. Foreigners to buy is recorded net of 9 billion. With as many as 17.3 million transactions lot or Rp5, 9 trillion, the Jakarta Composite Index had touched the highest level of 3996.37.
There are 3 sectors on the Stock Exchange strengthened today and the rest lower, where the Agricultural -16.88 (-0.7%) Basic Industry -1.22 (-0.3%), consumption is -1.84 (0.1% ), Finance 0.06 (0.1%), infrastructure -4.43 (0.6%), Manufacturing -2.19 (-0.2%), Mining -10.31 (-0.3%) , Miscellaneous Industry -3.36 (-0.3%) Property 1.88 (0.8%) and Trade 0.86 (0.2%). LQ45 index join JCI suppress attenuation of 0.29% to 700.40 with shares such as ITMG, GGRM, ISAT, INTP and Aali which suppresses a decrease JCI.

There are 95 stocks up, 225 stocks and 153 stocks fell stagnant. Shares of stock which become the top gainers today is FAST, CTBN, LPCK, Sobi, AMFG, ASRM, SCMA, DKFT, CNTX and JSMR. And who are at the lowest order is ITMG, GGRM, ISAT, ADMF, INTP, Aali, LPIN, SMAR, CLPI and MYOR.
CSPI today's trading sentiment swayed by global and regional, such as the American stock exchange closed up where the S & P Index 25.68 (2.2%), DJIA 213.88 (1.90%) and NASDAQ 47.22 (1.9 %). But European markets which opened lower where the FTSE -69.09 (-1.29%), DAX -149.04 (-2.47%) and CAC40 -61.01 (-1.88%) hit Asian stocks fell where NIKKEI 122.69 (1.37%), STRAITS -42.91 (-1.49%) and Hang Seng -48.02 (-0.24%).
Vibiz Analyst Research predicts that JCI could still print his new record back in 2011. Seeing Indonesia as well as the economic condition of the issuer cemerlah performance during the past few years, the main attraction for investors to come to Indonesia. However, it should be noted that the global economy remains clouded by the existence of the crisis that befell America and Europe, so there is need for improvement in risk management in the portfolio.

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