Euro-dollar sales drop Position Lowest Since February 22, 2011

In trading in Asia today partner with the U.S. dollar euro exchange rate seems to have weakened the movement (12/09). Sluggish euro against the dollar andreached the lowest position since February 2011 last month amid fears thatGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing measures to support Greekbankruptcy. This has led to selling pressure against the euro.
Greece many predicted would be 'kicked out' of the European Union. This resulted in a very big concern among market participants. Meanwhile, speculation on the matter has also resulted in a sharp rise in bond yields Greece. Bond yields in the country soared up into the position of record highs.The euro had weakened to look to its lowest since February 2011 against the U.S.dollar, namely the position of 1.3576 dollars. The position of the euro is the lowest since Feb. 22 last. Meanwhile, in late trading last week the euro closed at 1.3881dollars. Currently the euro observed slightly rebounded from lows and are in the position of 1.3584 dollars.Analyst Research Vibiz of Vibiz Consulting estimates that the euro-dollarmovements on today's trading would still tend to weaken despite the potentially infinite. It is estimated that today the euro-dollar will experience a movement in the range 1.3550 - 1.3620 dollars.

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Charice Almendra said...

Forex Trading also depends on the world currency. We should not dive in when the currency is low. It would be a problem for us if we do so.

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