Anti Marketing Is a Business Opportunity

In conducting a business opportunity or opportunities to perform a business, which produces value for money good value for money it smaller and more-bigger, then you will be a bit much to think how to do a marketing activity that efesiensinya high level.

Sekai many types of marketing activity that can give you the ease in performing sales activities, for example you do a marketing activity by way of door to door, or through doing a lot of sales activity with the help of marketing tools, such as advertising services.

However there is also an event marketing in different ways, namely by way of reverse or anti-marketing, is the way this one is not many people can do, because a lot of activities like this are required to innovate in terms of making a sale, as an example innovation that uses reverse this stance is, not profit-oriented business in but Happyness oriented (business not only draws on the advantages wrote, but it refers to the happiness and satisfaction).

The words above are innovative as this reflects the anti-marketing, however, is very powerful indeed if the prospective customer satisfaction is achieved, this will have a tremendous effect in conducting sales activities, because the person is satisfied, then directly or indirect satisfied customers will be informed to others about your product is truly worthy to be used, or used.

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