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Heard the word Forex or FX, negative thinking often arises in your mind that making money online from forex trading (Forex) online is gambling, not kosher, not promising jobs, high-risk, capital intensive, and useless as a business HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). 

Stereotypes on the causes of business opportunities / business forex trading (forex) is often underestimated in our society. It is not denied because of the local forex traders who often uses half-way gamble in playing their clients 'money, without any sense of responsibility for clients' money is concerned. If you happen to win more clients which will include funds for their play. Even if we lose money yet still get a commission. Who are victims of course the client (you). 

Indeed there are many traders (fund managers) are making money and doing business in a professional and responsible to fund their clients. But however much better if you own a start trading and making money on the internet through online forex trading without "hand over the fate of" your funds to another party.Why? 
Because if you've managed to make money online from forex trading with profit stable and constant, then you will not be forever dependent on other parties (fund manager or your boss) 
In forex trading forex there are so many opportunities (ways and trading techniques) in producing and making money. What you need is to find a trading system (trading system) your own personal. That is how or techniques that are proven profitable forex trading for you, consistent, and reliable (reliable). If you've found your personal trading system, then the gates of success already in sight 
If you are already proficient and successful in the business of online trading forex (foreign exchange), will work FOR YOUR MONEY. No rule you will be "prompted" by a friend or relative to play their funds. We ourselves know some traders who have found their own trading system, became very successful and then play their client funds to a count of hundreds of thousands of USD (billion dollars) to millions of USD (tens of billions of rupiah). The percentage they get of course very EXTRAORDINARY (thousands USD to tens of thousands of USD per month!)

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